Your single parent home
CAN be happy and rewarding!

I never dreamed of raising my daughter in a single parent home, but somehow it happened.

I’m still learning as I go through the process of divorce...but, I’m getting a lot of great advice from single moms and single dads on how to make the best of it.

There IS life after divorce. I’m going to enjoy every minute that I have with my daughter...and I'll share what I learn with you here at

If you are thinking of separating or have stood toe-to-toe with your ex in the courthouse, I hope you will find some useful advice...or at least something that makes you laugh!

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Happy parenting!

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A diary of one single parent home... the laughter, the tears, the drama... You'll get it all right here!
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Single Parent Home - Statistics on single parent homes
Feeling alone? Here are some statistics on single parent homes.
Single Parent Resources
Being a single parent is a stressfull. Where do you turn? What kind of parent resources are available?
Positive Parenting Plan for Single Parents
Positive parenting starts with a plan that provides your children with strength and stability, while maintaining your sanity. Here are some tips to help you organize your strategy.
Advice for Divorced Dads
Tips for Divorced Dads. How to stay in touch with your kids and get along with your ex.
Moms Alone
Are single moms alone in their struggle? You don't have to be. I'll share the best advice from single moms like you.
Single Parent Life
Working around single parent life. Come find out what other single parents are up to, with advice for both moms and dads.
Advice on Saving Money and Financial Planning
Single parents have twice the expenses on half the salary, so here is advice on saving money and financial planning.
More advice on saving money
Real tips and advice on saving money, for busy single parents.
Financial Planning for Single Parents
Top three things for single parents to consider in making a financial plan.
Moms Alone More Single Parent Advice
More single parent advice for moms alone. Make healthy choices, don't be a 'caffeinated mom.'
Fostering Entrepreneurship in Children
Help you children learn the value of a dollar by fostering entrepreneurship in children.
Single Parent Vacations
With a little planning, single parent vacations can be a rewarding experience for you and your children. This page is your single parent travel resource for vacation hot spots and tips for planning.
Single Parent Vacations and the Legal Impacts
Don't let a legality ruin you single parent vacations. Understand your rights and responsibilities.
Single Parent Vacation Destinations
Pick the right destination for your single parent vacation.
Planning your Single Parent Vacation
Planning your single parent vacation is the perfect time to engage your child in the process.
Single Parent Vacations Travel Tips
Travel tips to make single parent vacations relaxing and rewarding.
Single Parent Vacations on a Budget
Save money on single parent vacations. Tips and special money saving offers for every family.
Single Parent Life 2.0
Single parent life can wreck havic on your social life. Join Web 2.0 social networking to expand your network (even while the kids are sleeping).
Fun Thanksgiving Facts
Here are some fun Thanksgiving facts to quiz your kids over dinner.
Single Mothers Should Kick Butt!
Top 5 reasons every single mother should try MMA or kickboxing.
Divorce Book for Parents
Single Mom Book Review - Divorce Book for Parents
Single Parent Holiday Season
I am approaching my first single parent holiday season. As much as I want to make this the perfect Christmas, I had my first lesson in holiday patience.
Single Parent Holiday Season - Part 2
Tips and tricks for a successful single parent holiday season.
Single Parent Holiday Season - Part 3
Is this your first single parent holiday season? Are you nervous about being alone? Read about my story...
Think you know everything?
Think you know everything? Here are some fun tidbits to round out your brain cells!
For duty, honor & country - I salute the single parents left behind
A salute to single parents, left behind this holiday season.
Oh the Mom Song
The mom song is an ode to mothers everywhere!
Single Parent Holiday Season - Part 4
Tis the season... Life doesn't stop for your single parent holiday!
Single Parent Holiday Success
Success! Despite some setbacks, we totally rocked our first single parent holiday!
Single Parent Holiday Tips
12 steps to making the most of your single parent holiday season!
An Internet Dating Fairy Tale for Single Parents
Are you considering internet dating to meet fellow single parents? It could be a fairy tale come true...
Coping with Borderline Personality Disorder as a Single Parent
Even as a single parent, you may be living with Borderline Personality Disorder and not even know it.
Child Transition Period
Just a quick rant about that special transition time!
Single and Thankful for 2008
2008 was an incredible year. I'm thankful for many things, including my new single status!
Cool stuff that made my single parent life easier in 2008
As a single parent, I decided to come up with a list of things that REALLY make an impact on my life every day.
Cool stuff that helps keep this single parent healthy
As a single parent, you need to stay healthy to keep up with your kids... Here are my top picks from 2008.
The last 4 words you want to hear
The last 4 words you want to hear from your 2 year old!
Unforgettable Moments from MY Single Parent Life 2008
Single parent life is always changing... Here are the moments that my daughter took my breath away!
A pound of flesh - Divorce battle over donated kidney
One single mom's opinion about the Batista divorce and their kidney.
Do you still believe in marriage?
Seeing your marriage fall apart can be devastating. Can you love again? Do you still believe in marriage?
Why I love Publix
Publix is kid friendly, which makes my life easier... so I love Publix.
The flaw in Florida's 50-50 parenting plan
The major flaw in Florida's switch to 50-50 parenting plan is that it still lacks common sense.
You lose
When you make divorce a competition, you lose... but more importantly your kids lose.
What are the effects of single parent families?
What are the effects of single parent families? Is it really any worse than a two-parent home?
Defending the octuplets single mother
Don't judge this single mother of octuplets yet.
LMAO A single mom's review of "He's Just Not That Into You"
He's Just Not That Into You is a is definitely worth a special girls night out!
A single parent's night at the fair
A single parent's night at the fair turns into a magical night of games and funnel cakes...and a brighter outlook on life.
A single mom's guide to digital boundaries
Four tips to help every single mom set boundaries and disconnect from the digital world so that you can have more quality time with your children.
My Pretty Princess Diaries
The "Pretty Princess" phase is upon us and I am starting to have mixed feelings about Disney Princesses.
Why God Made Moms
2nd graders voice their opinion on why god made moms.
Life happens whether you are a single parent or not
Life happens, even if you are a single parent. But maybe there is a real silver lining...? Maybe...?
The stress of working from home
Is working from home your dream? It is a lot harder than it sounds. Before you take the plunge, here are a couple of things that you should consider.
The stress is on... which kind? ALL of it!
The stress is on... Can you handle the heat?
It's the final count down of my divorce
It is the day before my divorce is final... so what is going through my head? What 'should' be going throuhg my head?
There are brighter days ahead for this single parent!
I am officially a single parent and you know what? The final judgment wasn't so bad.
Recession proof dating for single parents
Recession proof dating for single parent. Inexpensive ways you can impress that single mom you are into.
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9 Steps to Defeating Depression
Michael Masterson offers a no-nonsense approach to dealing with depression.
Are you picking the right childcare program?
While the 'right' school depends on your needs, here are some of the more subtle cues to help you decide if you have found the best school.
Kids & Boundaries
I'm running into young kids with no sense of boundaries and respect. As single parents, we need to set the right example for our children.
So, how much do YOUR kids understand about popular songs?
Have you really listened to the lyrics of popular songs? How much do you think your kids understand?
I'm a Survivor
As a single parent, you have to be a survivor... if not for yourself, for your kids.
Children and Art
How expressive would a toddler be with art? Much more than you think!
Melinda Thomas and Michael Fabozzi - A chance encounter ends in love
Melinda Thomas and Michael Fabozzi met in the most random way and still fell in love.
Single Parent Children & Daycare
Fear you are missing your child's life? Single parent children want your attention. Try volunteering at your daycare / pre-school. You'll learn a lot about your baby!
Bounce Dryer Sheets - So much more than soft laundry!
Every summer this goes around. Bounce Dryer Sheets keep mosquitos at bay and more cool facts you should know...
Single Parent Book Review: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Online Dating
Having bad luck with online dating? It is not them - It is YOU. The good news, Dale Koppel's book will give you the right tips in creating an online profile that shows off the real you.
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Single Parent Home Product Review: SafetyTat
SafetyTat is one of those products that can ease a single parent's mind - during travel or even in day-to-day situations.
Guest Post: Negotiate with Credit Card Companies for the Best Deals
Credit card companies might seem like daunting places, especially to a single mom who happens to be far in debt with them. This guest post uncovers the many ways to effectively negotiate.
Turn your Photo into a Free Canvas with Canvas People!
Do you have a favorite photo that you’d like to showcase in a unique way? Turn your photo into a work of art with a gift certificate for a free photo canvas from Canvas People!
Even Long-Term Marriages Fall Apart Sometimes
Think all long-term marriages are perfect? Think again...
Do You Have A CuteKid?
The CuteKid child and baby photo contest offers monthly prizes, talent agent exposure, child and baby modeling and casting call opportunities, and a chance to be named the "2010 CuteKid of the Year."
Single Parent Book Review: Children of Secrets
Children of Secrets, an autobiographical novel set in the backdrop of the Deep South in the 1940’s, struck extremely close to home. Why? The heroine, Abigail, raises her three boys as a single mother.
Guest Post: Pack Sense of Humor, Anticipate Glitches, Have a Wonderful Vacation
The Trusted Adventures travel alliance, a membership of nine award-winning travel companies, offers 10 tips to assure a vacation not only comes off as planned but is as rich an experience as possible.
Children and Computers: What's Your Stance?
What is your position on your child's use of the home computer? Do you find it to be too much of a distraction, or have you found the opposite to be true?
Guest Post: Who is Smarter, Your Body or Your Brain?
Maryanne Comaroto, relationship expert, coach, radio personality, and award winning author, advises to re-awaken your divine feminine by connecting with your intuition.
Meet a Single Mother ... by Choice
With a biological clock ticking, one single mother decided to have a baby on her own
Single Parent Home - Long Distance Parenting
Long Distane Parenting - tips and tools from one single mom on how to manage and communications.
Single Parent Home - Summer Childcare
Single parents may be breathing a sigh of relief as summer comes to an end.
Single Parent Vacations – Up for a spontaneous trip around the world?
A single parent vacation doesn't have to be just 'Disney World. One way or another, I plan to give my daughter the world.
Single but not Alone – Getting Back on Your Feet
After that last legal document declaring you divorced has been signed and sealed, panic might sink in. But so many have faced it and many have survived it. You can too.
5 Tips to Keep This Summer Fun
If you are coordinating play dates this summer or planning BBQ's and get-togethers, here are a few tips on how to make them successful and memorable for your kids.
Personal Branding for Single Parents
With only one shot at that dream job, arm yourself with a brand new Personal Brand. To successfully brand yourself, you must have a plan.
Keeping Up with Your Teen
Understanding their interests will give you a better perspective on how to deal with your teens. Know what is going on in their lives, even the virtual ones.
What can you learn from a single-legged man?
Life sends us curve balls, no doubt about it. And we might consider being a single parent as one of those curve balls. But a single-legged man has showed me that obstacles can be overcome.
The Single Parents' Guide to Legal Help
As single parents, the need for legal help may arise. Be guided on whether or not to give your lawyer a call.
The Single Parent Entrepreneur
So what are the basic things a single parent needs to get started on the road to entrepreneurship (and consequently, financial independence)?
Do-it-all Dads: The Single Parent Division
For the single parent home, with the dad at the helm, the mother's task syndrome that was the norm of our parent's households has long been replaced with the do-it-all dad.
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Single Parent Entrepreneur: Take your home business to the next level
As a single parent entrepreneur, growing your small business may take time. Recognize your business' potential to take it to the next level.
A Look at Single Mothers: Part 1 Changing the stigma
Single mothers live with the stigma of poverty. With many single mother households still living in poverty, that stigma is justified. The challenge: accept the stigma or rise above it.
Today is the Day
Make today the first day of the rest of your life. Explore the possibilities of starting your own small business today.
Women in the Small Business Game
It may not be for the same reasons and may not be driven by the same passions, but women in the small business game have made their presence felt.
3 Things to Avoid When Starting a Business
Starting a small business is exciting and exhilarating. But the initial stages of your future empire must be handled carefully as it will dictate your empire's future.
The Importance of Volunteering: Help Your Toddler Make a Big Impact
Volunteering plays an important role in the development of character. Teach children and toddlers that they can do things that positively impact the world around them.
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